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Why Use Legal Video?


A trial video presentation enables you to show evidence, along with the visual and verbal communication of a witness, often when the deponent is not personally available to be a live witness.  Video allows you to guide everyone's attention through your evidence in the manner you feel is most effective.  Many people are more likely to remember and be emotionally affected by information that they view and hear.  Offering testimony in the form of a video will provide a deeper and longer lasting impact than if the same testimony was presented just by your client's written words.  

With state-of-the art equipment, we capture testimony, document evidence and present your case.  Use the power of video to capture interest and influence opinions.  Video is a far richer tool than the stenographic transcript.  Video depositions are much more likely to keep a jury's attention.  Good printed testimony of a credible witness can become great testimony when seen as a video.  Video depositions can also be a valuable tool for reference when considering whether to use particular witnesses at trial and when preparing for the direct- or cross- examination of those witnesses.